About Me

Hey guys, my name is Iman.

I started my blog when I was just nine years old. Being a nine year old, I didn’t really have enough time to work on my blog as much as I wanted to.

Let’s fast forward to 2018 and Oh My! I am now 11. I started high school in the fall, and I have to tell you it doesn’t get any easier to blog! my workload at school is insane. I did however make a promise to myself and my followers that I would now be blogging weekly. For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you will know that I have a few obsessions. I am planning on sharing more of those on here too.

So here is a little more about me..

I lived in Dubai for the first few years of my life, I loved living there, the sun, the beach, my pool… ahhhh!  I wish I could go back!!!! I now live in London with my mummy who is a well known Beauty Expert and Lifestyle Writer! I love reading about the things she loves. So, I decided to start blogging, so that I could share the things that I like with you . I have been a bonafide fashionista  since I was about three and love fashion with a capital F.

I am a huge STEM and Tech geek as well as a History lover. I’ve been whizzing around gadgets and reading code since I was, oh…. maybe knee high!

I am a keen musician and play a few instruments but the piano is my favourite.  I like Italian (read Pizza and Pasta) 🙂  and Lebanese food, but my Mama’s Biriyani is my all time favourite. My favourite colour is pink and I am absolutely obsessed with Unicorns and am the biggest Disney fan. No really I am!

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Iman xoxo 💕💕💕